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Serving Nanaimo and Central Vancouver Island


Fresh, local microgreens at farmer's markets or delivered to your door


Home Delivery

Fresh, locally grown microgreens delivered to your door within hours of harvest 



Compliment your dishes with the deep hues and bold flavours of microgreens.


Our Products

Our fresh, organically grown microgreens are available 365 days of the year. 

Our Story
We had a very different life before we started 52 Foot Farms. We worked in demanding industries with long hours and commutes and couldn't find balance. In 2018 we started to talk about making a change. 
We both had an interest in nutrition and the quality of what we put in our bodies. We knew that growing our own food would be part of our goals in building a healthier, more sustainable life. 
We first learned about microgreens when we began studying urban farming techniques. We liked that we could grow them indoors because we didn’t have a lot of space. We were blown away by the flavours and how long they lasted in the fridge. On top of that, we had access to fresh greens at any time of year.
We were hooked. We took an intensive microgreens course and joined the community of micro growers. 
At the start of 2019 we went all in. We moved to Vancouver Island and built our microgreens operation. 
Our greatest satisfaction has come from being part of the local food community. Participating in Farmer’s Markets has not only given us the opportunity to get to know our customers and their needs but has allowed us to forge bonds with other farmers and producers. The support we’ve received has been truly life changing. 
We are committed to producing high quality microgreens at an affordable price for restaurants and tables on Vancouver Island, 365 days a year. 

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Microgreens are the young seedlings of vegetables and herbs. They became popular in the culinary scene due to their intense flavours and attractive appearance on a plate. Over the past few years they have become widely appreciated by home consumers for their health benefits. 

Microgreens are loved for their freshness, flavour and their super food powers. They have tested between 4 and 40 X more nutrient dense than their fully grown counterparts. 

Not to be confused with sprouts, microgreens are grown like vegetables, in soil under lights and only the stems and leaves are consumed. They are harvested at their optimum stage for taste and nutritional value. 

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